Home sweet home

Hi hearties, let’s start this from the beginning.

My home is the most important place to me. It’s the place to be truly yourself. A place to hide all your important things and memories. Memories, people, lovestories. People that left. Good memories I had with my friends. Drunk nights and early mornings. My family, that made my home my home. All those little presents from my aunt, from my mother. A home is a lifetime project. A never ending adventure. I love being creative making my home more comfy.

So here is a project for you. It’s not sponsored, I got no money for this, but the Saal-Digital Team gave me the opportunity to test one of their products for free, so I decided to make a littl DIY-project for you guys. No lies, just my true opinion.

So first of all I decided to make something for this pale wall in my living room. There’s so much space, it should be used. I chose the “Forex”-Print. I think it’s kind of an polymere/plastic material, which is directly printed on. You can choose every size you can imagine and this is wonderful. Leaves no borders in your creativity. Mine got the measures 50 x 80 cm and fits perfectly above my couch. IMG_0779

To start, you gonna choose a place to hang up your pretty little piece of art. Then get some measures. How big should it be in the end? I made some prints on my normal printer and hang them up on the wall, to get a feeling of how big the forex will be.

Then look for your print. What do you want to hang onto your walls? A personal littl sketch your favorite person draw? Your beloved kitten on a 3 meters to 3 meters print? Or just something from the internet, that means a lot to you?

Otherwise you are invited to use one of these prints I prepared:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

(Click the number for the PDF-Files)

Get the print from your favorite printshop, or the one I got it from (you find it here).  I am really happy with this print. It came really quick and my print turned out better then I hoped it would. IMG_0780

I got mine without the mounting, because they were not that cheap. Instead I bought these littl hangers from the hobby shop. Only 2€ one hole package. Usually those are used for hanging up posters. And get the super glue. It’s important that it’s power glue. You can also use this to fix other things later, so I didn’t mind to spend some money on this.

So, if your print arrived, get a wet towel and just clean the backside of your print with some water. Let it dry. Measure where you want to hang your print, and how many hangers will be needed. I chose two an it still holds onto my wall, so everything will be fine with that. If you want a really big print you should maybe use three or more hangers.

When the cleaned spots are dry, get a thin layer of the power glue onto your hangers an onto the print. Let it dry for 3 hours or more, to be sure it lasts. 

Get some nails into your wall. Hang up your masterpiece and enjoy your new littl memory you created. One step closer to your perfect home.

I hope this post at least inspired you!

Thanks to Saal-Digital for sharing this with me!



Just, thank you. You are perfect.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Hey hearties,

it’s not about whether you have a special someone or not. I, myself, decided to share my love to my family and friends this year. Because love isn’t just this oneway thing. You can appreciate all the people in your life ❤  My valentines present to you this year is my first bakingvideo! It’s my favourite cupcake recipe. I hope you enjoy it!Muffins Video Bakingvideo Baking recipe Cupcakes cute food eat valentines day valentinesday valentine love Just click on the pic to get to my youtube page and watch the video.

Have a great day!




Breakfast time

Hey heartties!

It’s breakfast time! Since I try to eat healthier I’ve made a avocado spread:) Enjoy the recipe!Breakfast time Avocado recipe cream food

Here is what you need:

  • 1 ripe avocado
  • a pinch of salt
  • a bit of pepper
  • a bit of garlicpowder
  • 1 tsp onion granules

Get the flesh out of your avocado, add all your flavours and smash it up with a fork. Let it settle in your fridge for at least half an hour. Enjoy with tomatoes or other vegetables 😉





A kawaii new year!

Hello hearties!

Do you remember the japan candy review I made this summer? Since I really enjoyed doing this for you, I was able to pair together with Japan Candy Box, a monthly subscription box full of japan candys. There will be an announcement at the end of the review 😉 This post was not paid. They just gave me the box for the review.

Japan Candy Box Review Eat Food Japanese

So here is my delicious review 🙂

The box I received the november box, so lets see whats inside:

FullSizeRender (2)

  • Moko Moko Mokolet 3 Candy Toilet Kit
  • Puccho Pyramid Blue Soda Ball Candy
  • Coris Mizuame DIY Syrup Candy Kit
  • Meito Puku Puku Tai Fish Shaped Wafer
  • Pine Deka Pudding Candy
  • Meiji Pucca Chocolate Filled Pretzel
  • Fujiya Milky Sweets
  • Tohato Caramel Corn
  • Meiji Cola Flavored Popping Candy


Let’s begin with my favourite. As you may know, I really fell in love with the milky candies, so I hoped there will be more milky candies in the box that I recieve. And luckily, there was. But these are different from what I tried before. These ones are tiny little white balls. IMG_2896You can’t chew them directly, because they are just too hard. Just let them in your mouth for some while and chew them step by step. These caramels are sticky, but damn, these are good. Just the sweet milky taste I missed so badly.

IMG_2877Secondly, I tried the “Tohato Caramel Corn”. I thought this would be really weird to me 😀 Because we got these little corn things here in Germany too, but they taste salty. The caramel corn is much bigger, then the ones I know and indeed they tasted weird to me. A light, sweet taste but also crunchy with a note of corn. I must say, because of the taste confusion, this really wasn’t my type of sweets.IMG_2919Next, I tried the “Meiji Pucca Chocolate Filled Pretzel”. Didn’t even know, they are also making different things apart from the meiji caramel dices. I think they look like little fish. It’s chocolate cream filled up into a crunchy pretzel dough, which tastes like cookie. They do remind me of the “Chocolate Koalas” you can get in Germany. As simple, as delicious.IMG_2911

Now to a more confusing sweet. A typical japan “diy candy”. Since I didn’t do the “Sushi diy candy” until now, this one was my first ever diy candy. Somehow disgusting, but also interesting and funny. IMG_2923In the package was a little spoon, to mix the ingredients together, a little plastic bowl and 3 packages with ingredients in different colours. Although I can’t read japanese, the instructions were easy to understand, since there were different pictures, which showed you how to do it step by step. IMG_2922They result was a sticky white/grey mass of candy. It definitly didn’t look that nice, but I tasted like this typical sweet grape flavour you often got in the japanese candy. Japan Candy Box Review Eat Food JapaneseAnd I love this flavour. Super sweet and super artificially, but delicious. I must say, I shared this little bowl of candy, since it was just too much and too sweet to eat it all at once, all alone.

Also interesting were the sweets that came out of the “Pachi Pachi Panic” package. Little brown shivers and multicolored little tablets. The brown candy tasted like cola and popped in your mouth, the little tablets tasted like normal fizzy tablets. A funny combination, I didn’t tried before. I like them 🙂IMG_2928

The “Puccho Pyramid Candies” were so cute!IMG_2906 They were packed in 2 boxes. You had to follow the numbers to open up the package and get to the candy. First I removed a little ribbon of paper, then I pushed the other box out of it’s cover. At least, you had to push into the box and open the little “barrel” to get to you candy.IMG_2908 I enjoyed this package so much. Little crazy drawings of candy riding a dolphin or little candies in the disguise of pirates. So cute! The candy itself was a big round blue/white ball. It tasted like chewing gum, with a fizzy tablet filling. These were so yummy, I enjoyed eating them all.

In the box, there was also this fish:IMG_2916I really hoped there would be no fish flavoured candy at all. Fortunately, it’s just a fish shaped waffle filled with chocolate mousse. It looked kind of funny and the fish is quiet big. But i must say I didn’t like the taste of it. Don’t know why. Maybe chocolate is somehow different in Japan, than it is in Germany?

This little ball had a cute little pudding on the package. IMG_2873This candy tasted like caramel and vanilla. First you had to suck the candy. After a while, you could chew on it. The filling also tased like caramel. Don’t know what japanese pudding tastes like, but I loved this pudding ball. Delicious!

At least, there was another diy candy. IMG_2892A really curious one. A toilet candy! You got this little box with all the part to build your own little toilet. It also had these cute little stickers to give your toilet a face! 😀 So funny!IMG_2937 I did saw this candy in a youtube video some while ago, so I wasn’t that surprised. But it’s funny anyway. After you build and decorated your little toilet, you add some water and one package of the powder and mix it together. Afterwards you drink it from your tiny little toilet. IMG_2933Don’t know how and why somebody invented this, but it’s so cute. Love it!

I must say, I really enjoyed this box and can recommend it to you, if you’re a fan of japanese sweets. In my point of view trying japanese candies is always like a litte adventure, because you don’t know what you get unless you can read japanese.

Get more informations about the Japan Candy Box on their official website.

And here is my announcement:

With the friendly assistance of Japan Candy Box you can win one Japan Candy Box to the value of $ 19.90. Just enter the giveaway and with a bit of luck, the box will be shipped to your home soon! The giveaway runs until friday the 29th of january. Click here to enter the giveaway.

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New baking passion

Hey hearties!

Christmas is over now and indeed was much more stressfull than I thought it would be. But it was really worth it, if you seen your beloved ones and had a happy time, as I had. I must say, I am lucky and got really cool gifts for christmas and one of it was…. a kitchen machine! A little, cute “Bosch Mum4”. This litte machine can do so much things. I still have just the basic model, but there are so many options to go with. Ice cream, noodles, cookies, meat, mixing, just erverthing seems to be possible. And it’s affordable. The machine itself costs about 60€ ($199). Don’t ask me, why the price is much higher in US $. But it’s cheap here in germany, you may order it from the german side 😉 If I’ld buy it myself, I’ld possible buy the complete package in the beginning, to safe some money. I must say, this little thing made my baking passion come back in few days. So easy. It’s amazing. Can’t wait to try out more of my new baking book recipes. Since I got less time to bake caused by working and studying this makes it all easy. I’ld just wish for an integrated scale, but for the beginning, this is great.

mum4 mum 4 kitchen machine review bosch baking bake cookies muffins pasion

Picture: © Robert Bosch Hausgeräte GmbH  (Not sponsored)


Get the kitchen machine here: EUR | US


Have a great day!